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Sarah RolleSarah Rolle

Sarah Rolle, the gestalt behind many technology programs at The Elisabeth Morrow School, has spent twenty-six years helping teachers make sense of their roles in the age of personal computing. Her passion for education led her to become an expert in technology curriculum development and in navigating bureaucracy to support educator experimentation. Her colleagues applaud her for nimbly providing the resources they need to innovate and lead a modern school. Sarah’s invitations to developers and other educators have yielded a cutting edge educational technology program which includes developing and supporting an early 1:1 program, a BYOD program, iPad initiatives, and now a MakerSpace initiative. At the second Google Teacher’s Academy, Sarah established solid links with other educational technology leaders and maintains a reputation for thoughtful technology use through her contributions to numerous groups including the New Jersey Educational Computing Cooperative’s board.  She presents locally in New Jersey as well as at national conferences.

Rurik NackerudRurik Nackerud

Rurik Nackerud, a technology integrator at The Elisabeth Morrow School, studies and advocates for equity and justice in education through teacher and research. His current efforts include doctoral research in curriculum and instruction through Portland State University. The participatory study seeks to investigate the impact of building a STEAM Maker Space on teacher curricular choices. Beyond this topic he questions assumptions about marginalized communities, video games and pop-media intersections, and old-world crafts.