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listSchool makerspaces do not need to come with everything. Still, it is nice to have a wish list. Many items can be designed with hand tools and some simple power tools like a dremel. Engineering projects may require a real woodshop or metal fabrication space as well. Very Expensive. For us, we think along the lines of craft-oriented projects. Such a space contains long tables, light, less worry about ventilation, a sewing machine, and other items. Each makerspace should reflect the interests and excitement of the participants.


The fabled “perfect” shopping list(s)

  1. The main resources for most schools has been Makerspace Playbook: Schools Edition. You have to share your email but it is worth it in the beginning.
  2. Make had an issue called The Ultimate Workshop and Tool Guide. They review and share instructions on a ton of tools in this issue. Worth it!
  3. Adam Kemp wrote The Makerspace Workbench. It has quite a bit of information on creating a space and was written by a high school teacher.
  4. Fab Lab put together a great worksheet with types of tool use and costs. I might be infatuated with this one. This magical spreadsheet contains my wish list.



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