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Vinyl PrinterWhile 3D printing is all the rage at our school, cutting with vinyl tends to be a major precursor and epic workhorse in the design space. We own a USCutter SC Series vinyl cutter. It has some basic features as well as a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. This is great since, unlike the Ultimaker 2, I do not feel up to tinkering with this device for repairs. There are a few other things that cause problems as well.

It connects to a computer for prints and the software is pretty expensive. Since we only have one license I have to make sure I bring my computer to all locations where we might do some 2D printing using the cutter. We are currently using Sure Cuts A Lot Pro on my Mac. The interface was a little tough at first but now we have students and teachers submitting images for cutting all the time. These cons, though, are outweighed by the enormous benefit of having a device start and finish working through a project in the moment.

Benefits of the pinter include a fairly robust device. You can get a stand but we are housing our cutter on the counter currently. Students, so far, have simply submitted files for cutting but I would like to get to a place where students control the cutter itself.

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