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On April 25th, at the ATLIS (#ATLISac) annual conference, I moderated a panel called “Makerspaces: Moving Beyond the Hype”. Makerspaces offer so much to schools from putting design thinking into action to entrepreneurialism to hands-on fun. This panel was an opportunity to bring together¬†great educators to present¬†with and learn from….

Getting the STUFF! Even the wealthiest school can rarely buy all the equipment they want. Personally I recommend letting student and teacher interest guide buying. Still, you may have a list in hand and a need to buy. This post covers some simple ways to get the most for your…

Generally I consider tools by student motivation. There are tools that people consider to be a part of makerspaces, 3D Printers comes to mind, and there are tools that emerge as important to individual makerspaces through participant interest. Students and parents expect to see artifacts like 3D printers and scanners….

Loved the paper bags? Check out how to do this yourself! Cooper Hewitt put together this lovely activity and has the resources to support your planning. Check out their webpage and other links! Lesson: Paper Bag Design Challenge Video: Introductory Video Cooper Hewitt: Main Website