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On April 25th, at the ATLIS (#ATLISac) annual conference, I moderated a panel called “Makerspaces: Moving Beyond the Hype”. Makerspaces offer so much to schools from putting design thinking into action to entrepreneurialism to hands-on fun. This panel was an opportunity to bring together¬†great educators to present¬†with and learn from….

We, Rurik Nackerud, Liz Leff and I, are at NJECC today offering a workshop on bringing Making to Younger students. We offered 3 activities: Simple wiring, Chinese (Paper) Lanterns and Cardboard Community. Explore the website for more design and maker resources and lessons.

I presented a hands-on workshop at the NJECC annual conference. My premiss is that the design process is long and messy. It’s a great vehicle for solving problems and group work. So many skills are learn, practiced and improved but it take a long time. This is ok. Teachers are…